IADS4 is NOT backward-compatible with IADS 3.4 data.

When downloading the IADS installer, you may be required to right-click -> "Save target as..." and then "Run".

• The "Web" and "Static" installers have been combined into a single download.
• The "Web" installer will be referred to as "Single User".
• The "Static" installer will be referred to as "Multi User".
System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
.NET: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile


IADS is not currently available for your device.

Change Log

Getting Started

End-Users: You should have been provided a .iads file. This is a single file containing all of the IETM data for your system. To open this file, simply double-click or use the File > Open menu in IADS4. If you do not have access to this file, please contact your program office or our support team.

Authors: If you already have XML data and the required dataset and table of contents file, simply open the dataset file from the IADS4 File > Open menu.

For evaluation purposes, please see the sample dataset: helmet.iads


Are you having trouble completing the install? If the computer you are using was not imaged using the Army Golden Master (AGM), it may be unable to validate the certificate used to sign the installer. You may download and run InstallRoot_v3.16a (requires administrator priviledges) to install the DoD certificate chain necessary to validate the IADS4 installer.

Development Version

We are pleased to offer our development version for testing purposes. Please keep in mind this version is not meant for a production release. It may include incomplete features or bugs. The installer updates automatically. If not updated, the installation will expire after 30 days.

Install Development Version